CloudGPS 0.5.5 - Smoothest Maps for N900 and N950

Aug 1, 2011

We first bumped into CloudGPS at the first ever MeeGo Conference in Dublin 2010. The Developer was giddy with excitement over his work and frankly, So were we. No one had seen Mapping Graphics on a mobile device work so fast.

CloudGPS is a mapping application using OpenGL ES to display hardware accelerated silky smooth maps

Here are some pictures:






Thanks to javispedro's SDL port for harmattan CloudGPS can be run on N950 right now. This port is limited in functionality, things like GPS, accelerometer and digital compass are not supported yet. Please consider reading full description with keyboard shortcuts listed on following link: TMO thread.

I am working on making it usable on keyboardless N9 and there probably will be no updates for a while because it takes part in MeeGo Coding Competition. I have added a lot of new code during last few days so expect a lot of bugs.

Video preview:
Make sure you are sitting down. Things getting pretty freaky now !!!!

Install instructions:

1. Install SDL 1.2 from this link. More info about SDL in this thread.
2. Install cloudgps package.

Start app using icon on home screen. Sources are available here.


Source MeeGo


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