EmuMaster For Nokia N9/950 - MeeGo Harmattan

Aug 31, 2011


Introducing the EmuMaster project:

The aim of EmuMaster project is to emulate popular consoles like NES, SNES, GB, C64 and more. I know that there is a lot of emulators out there. But what I saw is they are not so easy to use or lack some cool features. So I decided to bring my ideas to the world of emulation. I have started with NES but there will be more. The most important thing now is to let you know how I see an emulator should look like. I hope you will like it (if yes please donate). Sorry for my poor english.

Install, run and follow instructions



















  • written entirely in Qt and QML (even cpu,ppu, etc. is written in Qt)
  • modular architecture to minimize memory use (e.g. mappers are in seperate plugins) and speed up loading
  • ROM gallery
  • fast scroll
  • you are able to create an icon in the homescreen, and with auto save/load you will not even notice you are using an emulator
  • swipe is disabled by default - configurable
  • support for game genie codes
  • quite fast NES emulation - full framerate without sound (60 FPS) - will be optimized
  • save/load gallery
  • you can push two buttons on the pad with one finger at the time (e.g. A and B)


  • I don't know how to make icons in the homescreen removable - please help
  • settings are not saved yet
  • game policy
  • currently when you click play new windows and machine is created, it takes time (especially when you click pause first time). In order to minimize this time I will reimplement this mechanism so only disk will be reloaded (it should be done this way from beginning)
  • accelerometer as a controller
  • mappers 72-255
  • on-screen paddle controller (e.g. arkanoid)
  • on-screen zapper controller (e.g. duck hunts)
  • use accelerometer at the save's view and rom gallery
  • more consoles: GB, SNES, C64, Amiga, ...
  • net play
  • want more ? want somthing sooner than other ? add a comment and please donate


  • I know some games don't work, if you find some and you want them to work let me know, I am checking constantly what work, what not but if you let me know I can prioritize it
  • sometimes application can crash on pause - will be fixed
  • found bug ? please tell me about it


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