FunkeySynth 0.12.1 - MeeGo Harmattan Available

Aug 7, 2011


Tagged a new release of FunkeySynth for N9/N950. Main changes since version 0.12:
- Recording&playback of 16-sec loops
- UI for the 3 additional oscillators
- Support for algorithms (different routing for the oscillators)

Download the latest .deb from

For loop support, there’s a new record/playback button in the main screen:




Functionality of the button:
- Press once -> it goes to ‘ready for recording’ state
- Start playing the keys -> recording starts
- Press again to stop recording
- Now it’s a play button. Press to start/stop playback of the loop
- Long-press to clear the loop from memory. The button returns to the initial state

Another big update, a new screen for adjusting the additional oscillators:



For more information: Expr3ss Yourself


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