GPodder For MeeGo Harmattan N9 N950

Aug 18, 2011

GPodder- MeeGo-Harmattan-Nokia-N9-N950-MeeGoExperts

Recently, people were asking for gPodder packages, so here's the thread for them. Grab your personal copy of gPodder and test it:

Please be aware that this version of gPodder is still not complete, but should work for the basic use cases (subscribe to and download podcasts). Listening to audio episodes (both streaming and downloading) also works fine; playing back video podcasts also works, but this slows down the UI for some reason (seems to be a Qt Mobility problem).

As this is not the final release, please expect that you might have to wipe your database when the final version comes out, as I'd like to take this big version step as an opportunity to clean up and optimize the database schema  I'm using it personally already, so I'll try to avoid changing the schema, but I don't promise anything.



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