Holy Quran For Nokia N900 - Maemo

Aug 8, 2011


This is an initial release version of a Quran application which can be found in to extras testing. According to the Author it is very minimal at the moment supporting reading/browsing, adding, removing and jumping to favorites and an index page.

It has been designed for the Nokia N900 and potentially it will be available for Nokia N900 MeeGo CE.

Here's the package page as well:

The code is GPL'ed and it's here:

Screen-Shot-Quran-App-Nokia-N900-Maemo-MeeGoExperts Screen-Shot-Quran-App-Nokia-N900-Maemo-MeeGoExperts-Avatar-438
Screen-Shot-Quran-App-Nokia-N900-Maemo-MeeGoExperts-Avatar-438-1 Screen-Shot-Quran-App-Nokia-N900-Maemo-MeeGoExperts-Avatar-438-2


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