Import Playlist From Itunes To Nokia N950/N9

Aug 22, 2011

Want to Import Playlist From Itunes To Nokia N950/N9 ? Well the following Article from Nokia Blog Ch will show you one work around:

Currently does not support the OVI suite N9/N950 YET. The device is also still not available 😉 Anyway. The lucky developer / blogger / etc testers who are already in possession Candybarphone This exceptional and would like to have from Itunes playlist on the device can do it like this.

Important! You'll need to. M3u or. Pls list with the editor open on the PC and replace the file in all "" with "/". Otherwise, the songs do not appear as a playlist. This is certainly correct in the future.

It's best to open the playlist with the editor, select "Edit-Replace" in the top field adds a , the lower / then click on replace all and save the file.




Salling Media (Kostellos, erweiterte Version 15 €)





Here are the Windows and Mac version

Mac (OSX)

If you want to synchronize your N9 with OSX, I recommend GoGadget for $ 19.95



• Music: iTunes playlist (including album art, genre and information on the artist) No DRM support
• Ringtones: Ringtones can easily be cut
• Photos: Synchronization between N9 and iPhoto
• Videos
• Files: PDF, text, spreadsheets, presentations & eBooks.


  • Mac OS X 10.5.6 Leopard or later, including Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard

Source Nokia Blog Ch


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