Intel AppLab at DeskTop Summit (Berlin) - MeeGo

Aug 18, 2011

It was great seeing Intel at the DeskTop Summit where they laid on another one of their AppLab events. This is the real meaning of spreading the MeeGo love. There was an eager crowd of almost 200 developers that wanted to know all about this "MeeGo" thing.

It was a big crowd right from the start nd in true german style they engineered the best of Ques 😉 Intel not only fed their minds, they also fed their stomachs AND gave them a brand new ExoPC running the MeeGo Tablet OS !!!

Learn about the details of the Intel AppUpSM program, the advantages of the MeeGo platform, the numerous tools (in particular the MeeGo SDK & Intel Tools), the binary code validation and the App Developer community.

We’re excited to bring our Intel AppUpSM Application Lab series to the Desktop Summit at the Humboldt University in Berlin. Register today and join us on Wednesday, August 10th at 15:00 – 18:00 h for a free event.

Attendees will discover the benefits of enrolling in the Intel AppUpSM developer program and about developing for MeeGo and our other available operating systems and runtimes (Windows C/C++, Adobe AIR, Java, .NET). Find out why you should develop for the Intel AppUpSM center, discover the great monetization opportunities, see live optimization demonstrations and talk to Intel experts about personal code issues.

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