Kaixin app for Nokia N9: Powered by Qt

Aug 16, 2011

A new video has surfaced at Nokia Developers Forum. The video is about the Chinese social networking app Kaixin. In the video, Li Wenjing, Product manager, Kaixin Mobile Division is seen talking about the mobile version of Kaixin, now available for Nokia N9 smartphone.

The mobile version of Kaixin is built using Qt. According to Zhang Xiaoyong, an engineer at Accenture, it took three developers about two months to complete the project. Using Qt SDK was apparently easy for the developers. He also mentioned that the developers are working on the Symbian version of the app. Since Qt is cross platform, the Symbian version of the app will be developed using the same code.



In the video, they also talk about Nokia being the leading mobile phone brand in China.In fact, Nokia is ranked number 1 amongst the Top 50 most popular Chinese Consumers brands by Zacks.com. In April, Nokia announced that Beijing will be a global innovation base for Nokia. Beijing is also the global Research and Development (R&D) centre for S30 and S40 devices of Nokia. Also, Beijing is one of the four major R&D bases for Windows Phone.

What is Kaixin

Launched in March 2008, Kaixin is a leading Chinese Social Networking site. Kaixin also has a social game service and hence attracts a lot of game-graze users in China. Clash of Three Kingdoms, Friends for Sale and Parking Wars are among the most popular games by Kaixin. These games are also popular in some international markets, mainly in Korea and Taiwan.

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