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Aug 4, 2011


This is an interesting App by Developer @WadesHull. It basically allows you to estimate lengths in picture if a particular length is known in the picture. I like this idea, its different in a sort of Novel way without being a iPhone farting type App.

This app is a simple proportions app that lets you set the end points of a known length in a picture, and then asks for the end points for length in question. After you get those 4 points set and put in the value of the known length it will calculate how long the unknown length is.

MeasureMee-MeeGo-MeeGoExperts.png MeasureMee-MeeGo-MeeGoExperts-1.png






One of the greatest attributes of this app is that it is written completely in QML. In fact just about every app that I will release will be in strickly in QML as I am not a programmer by trade. Just a guy who likes to have fun. I doubt I will be releasing this to the N900 as I use QtMobility? 1.1 and the N900 was abandoned back at QtMobility? 1.0.2 I do hope to port it to Symbian^3 at some point in time.


Source Nokia Developer

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