Getting Your MeeGo App For N9 Approved - MeeGo Harmattan

Aug 22, 2011


Getting your MeeGo App for N9 Approved Harmattan

Getting your Apps approved can be confusing for some, so the Nokia Nordic Blog prepared a PDF to help rid some myths:

... To help you with this, check out this PDF. It’s a document that provides a list of technical requirements that Nokia N9 applications should fulfill to ensure that they will be acceptable for publication in Ovi Store. You can then make sure that these things work during development so you’re prepared for QA and avoid spending extra time publishing your app.

The document contains a list of test cases for MeeGo 1.2 Harmattan apps, ranging from installation, functionality, robustness, co-existence, usability, and performance test cases. It works a bit like a checklist.

You can also visit Nokia Developer for more information.


Source Nokia Nordic Blog

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