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Aug 4, 2011



Maemo.Org community member HtheB has found a little trick (or usefull bug?) where you can turn your Nokia N900 into a Megaphone.

The things you need are:

  • N900 (obviously!)
  • 3,5 headphone jack (doesn't matter if the headphones are broken or not, we just need it so we can activate the radio)
  • 2 Different Radio apps (I used "QRadio" and "C FM Radio")


  1. Plug in the 3,5 mm headphone jack into the N900
  2. Start up a radio program, like QRadio (Remember to activate the radio on QRadio, as it doesn't do that automatically)
  3. After that, run C FM Radio
  4. Now close QRadio and leave C FM Radio on!
  5. Done! Now your N900 picks up the Sound from your microphone.

You can safely unplug the headphones and still be able to use it as a megaphone. Or plug in some very loud speakers on the N900

You can also transmit the sound trough FM Transmitter!
after you unplug the headphones, you can just simply enable the FM Transmitter.

To close the "Megaphone", just simply close C FM Radio.

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