Miniature Chess Game For MeeGo Harmattan

Aug 25, 2011


Miniature 0.3 Berlin Defence

This is the first release of Miniature for MeeGo Harmattan which is, in fact, a total restart from the Miniature project born with Maemo 5 and the N900.
Miniature won't play games yet, but it provides a fully featured user experience and a backend with its foundations in place. We are looking for a new breed of testers and developers and we couldn't wait to share the good stuff that is being cooked. You can find screenshots and more at


Log in to aka FICS as guest or registered user.
See a real time list of game challenges at FICS.
UI demo: select and confirm game challenges.
UI demo: filter game challenges by chess variant, time, increment and rating type.
UI demo: create a new game seek.
UI demo: chess board with movable pieces.
UI demo: expandable chat area.
UI demo: possibility to resign, propose a draw, request to adjourn.
The full backlog is available at


You can run Miniature on the Nokia N950 and N9. Just tap this link from the browser in your device:
Alternatively, you can use the Qt SDK or the Harmattan Platform SDK emulators. See


Casual feedback is welcome at the MeeGo forum thread or the developer mailing list. You can find us as well in #miniature on

((this thread))

Bug reports can be filed at


If you love chess, freedom and mobile devices then the Miniature project is for you! Check our Wishlist and Development pages:


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