MSN-Pecan 0.1.3 Released

Aug 2, 2011



This is a normal maintenance release mostly to fix reliability on
authentication, and offline messaging fixes.

Felipe Contreras (19):
      build: use makensis
      win32: update README with full instructions
      gitignore: update
      build: trivial cleanup
      build: remove redundant -ansi specifier
      pn_util: remove clang warnings
      auth: properly cleanup pending request
      Improvements from clang analyzer
      Trivial cleanups from clang analysis
      pn_util: trivial improvement in pn_html_unescape
      http: fix crash when connecting from another location
      sync: fix gression in LST command
      msn: send messages offline when invisible
      notification: properly update the status on CHG
      node: extra check for open signal handler
      auth: fix a few memory leaks
      node: fix trivial warning
      build: use GIO by default
      win32: tag 0.1.3

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Source Felipe Contreras

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