Nokia N9 Blogger Event In Kuala Lumpur

Aug 7, 2011

As posted previously, Nokia Malaysia organised a Nokia N9 preview for bloggers. Asri Al Baker from did a report for All About MeeGo with all the action for you:


A presentation at the Nokia Malaysia bloggers event

The Nokia N9 will be made available on the Malaysian market soon, and will be available in two variants. The 64GB version will only be available in black, while the 16GB version will be available in Black, Cyan and Magenta. Nokia would not make a comment on the price, but it will be announced on the release day.

While we enjoyed some food (which was delicious by the way), each of us was handed a Nokia N9 to play with. Boy oh boy, it’s marvellous!

It’s been a long time since I was so excited while holding a Nokia device. The N9 gives me a feeling of awesomeness when holding it. At first, I thought it looked big, but when I held it, it was actually smaller and thinner (and of course sexier) than I expected.

Besides playing with Nokia N9 units, we a chance to experience a pair of the Nokia Play 360 NFC Speakers. The sound produced by these speakers is awesome. It can easily fill a small room with plenty of bass and treble. They will be sold separately from N9 of course

Editor's note: The Nokia 360 Play speakers operate over BlueTooth. The NFC action is just there to trigger automatic pairing



The Nokia 360 Play NFC speakers
For 30 minutes or so, we were allowed to explore and examine the N9. All of us were very impressed with the fluidity and smoothness of the UI. And the hardware too! We didn't have time to test all the functions, but the Swipe UI is truly unique. After using N9 for a few minutes, I found myself swiping my Nokia E7 to change its views! That shows my mind had adjusted to Swipe UI. One of the fellow bloggers, Jason Goh (aka @smashpop) mentioned that he would prefer the N9 over iPhone4 anytime (regardless of the app support of course).
Enjoy the videos below, but please pardon quality of the photos and videos here - they were all taken using Nokia E7 under fluorescent light.


Quick Access


Multitasking and closing opened apps


Contacts import


Internet accounts


Web - All About MeeGo


Web - YouTube HTML5


Source All About MeeGo

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