Nokia N9 Has a Super Antennae

Aug 25, 2011


It was not me who says it, but the Danish branch of the mobile operator 3: "The characteristics of the transmitter and receiver of the Nokia N9 are far superior to all other phones we have tested so far



No this is not a direct attack against Apple, but the operator 3 course emphasizes the quality of reception that the Supreme N9 offers against any other phone. I'll translate the article, we talk right after:

We have now had the opportunity to test the new smartphone Nokia N9 on the network 3 and the results were more impressive. The characteristics of the transmitter and receiver of the Nokia N9 are far superior to all other phones we have tested to date. This means among other things a much better network experience to the limits of 3G coverage and in areas conducive to a weak signal.

In 3, we have the best network, but make the most of this network is quite another. This phone has a very good antenna and can take full advantage of our network. With internal antennas and a casing made ​​of a single piece of polycarbonate, Nokia has managed to optimize these properties to such an extent that the Nokia N9 will in future be the norm, that is to say that it will Phone comparison when we test the antenna characteristics of other phones.

Christian Nielsen, Specialist in Antenna 3, has indeed studied the behavior of the phone, among others, in different geographical areas:

When I meet is called the limits of 3G network coverage, there is always a full 3G reception on the Nokia N9 while other phones have already switched to the 2G network (EDGE)! It's the same when I walk through a small forest on the road, the Nokia N9 keeps a full 3G reception, even in the midst of the forest, while all the other phones I tested on the 2G network switch! Also, I get a throughput of 6 Mbit / s for the Nokia N9: it is unheard of!

We are still testing the properties of the antenna of the phone on our network. A network is made ​​up of different areas and we are testing, among others, signal strength, reception the phone gets in the middle of a dense area (typically urban) and the limits of 3G coverage. The Nokia N9 is highly ranked in urban areas, but at the limits of 3G coverage, it is absolutely superb.

If I'm in the middle of the forest, turn the phone on the floor of the car makes him lose one of the bars of 3G signal. It is only by holding it between my hands, and this for several minutes and at the bottom of the car, it is possible to switch from 3G to 2G!

I am very surprised and happy with this news! I hoped as much, but see if the operator 3 enthusiastic about the Nokia N9 makes me really heart-warming!

Nokia is not surprised of such a performance. The blog has collected comments from Markku Suomi, Product Manager at Nokia:

The reception quality of the antenna is partly that the Nokia N9 are manufactured from a single piece of polycarbonate, which means that the antenna is completely free from interference from such a metal frame.

This gives you does not want to own the N9?

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