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Aug 12, 2011

Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) is software that comes with a license that gives users certain rights. In particular the right to use the software, to modify it, to obtain its source, and to pass it on. Nokia has a vast range of open source projects under it. Some projects are hosted directly by Nokia, Some by third parties and some are not at all managed by Nokia but is a contributor for them. Nokia has distributed the projects on different servers and sites in order to let them live in the best suitable ecosystem. Here we bring you the list of the open source projects under Nokia.


The projects listed below may not be entirely supported or managed by Nokia.

#1 Linux

Linux is one of the many open source projects under The Linux Foundation. Following are the Operating Systems base on Linux and their key features.

  • MeeGo – a Linux based OS formed by the collaboration of Nokia, Intel and the Linux Foundation
  • Maemo – another Linux based software platform developed by Nokia for smartphones and Internet tablets
  • GStreamer -  a framework for creating streaming media applications
  • gst-openmax - a GStreamer plug-in that allows communication with OpenMAX Integration Layer components
  • gst-dsp - a native GStreamer plug-in to access DSP algorithms for OMAP3 platforms
  • Telepathy - a software framework which can be used to make software for real-time interpersonal communications
  • PulseAudio - a sound system for Portable Operating System Interface (POSIX) OSes

#2 Qt

Licensed under the GNU General Public License (GPL) and the GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL), you can use Qt to create and distribute software with licenses that are compatible with these free software licenses. The open source versions of Qt has enabled large successful software projects like KDE to thrive. Thousands of developers around the world use open source versions of Qt. Open source versions of Qt is available for Unix/X11, Mac OS X, and Windows platforms. Some of the features of open source versions of Qt are listed below.

  • Qt Creator - a cross-platform integrated development environment (IDE) tailored to meet the needs of Qt developers
  • Testability Driver - a testing tool for test automation of Qt applications
  • Qt Quick Playground - a set of sample applications developed by Nokia developers
  • Cartoon Reader - a sample application using HTML5 and CSS3 in a Qt application
  • KDE – free and open source software for mobile and desktop platforms.

#3 S60

A software platform created by Nokia for its smartphones running on Symbian OS. S60 supports application development in Java MIDP, C++, Python and Adobe Flash. Following are the key features of S60.

  • Internet Radio - HTTP Internet Radio streaming for S60
  • Python for S60 - a port of the Python language to S60
  • S60 OSS Browser – a web browser based on open source Web Core and JavaScript Core frameworks

#4 Symbian

Symbian is the first platform specifically developed for smartphones. Originally developed as a closed-source OS for PDAs, it became fully open source by the end 2009. Symbian OS has the following key features.

  • Mobile Web Server - a Symbian port of Apache httpd and connectivity solution
  • PAMP - Personal Apache MySQL PHP

#5 Web

Nokia provides following features for Web open source projects.

  • WebKit –  WebKit is not manage by Nokia but is an active contributor of the project
  • Nokia mobile Web templates – a set of templates to create mobile web pages
  • Nokia mobile theme for Drupal -  a theme that works with mobile plugins for Drupal, a free and open source content-management framework
  • S40WebKit - WebKit implementation for Series 40 devices

#6 Mobile at large

  • Sofia-SIP - an open source SIP User-Agent library
  • Nokia Data Gathering - a fast, accurate and cost effective way to collect data on mobile phones
  • Xfolite - a fully featured XForms client for the J2ME platform

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