Nokia T7-00 appears on Ovi Store ... Supporting MeeGo ????

Aug 25, 2011

According to Engadget Espanol they have noticed the Nokia T7-00 appearing on the Ovi Store, it does however seem to have disappeared now. ok, so nothing too exciting but according to them it looked as if it supported "MeeGo".

Heres the google translated Information from them:

Is it a mirage? A unfortunate slip? Or the imminent unveiling of a presentation? It is now difficult to find the right answers to many questions, but what we can to make sure 100% is rumored that a T7-00 Nokia goes camping at home right now for the Ovi Shop and look what appears to be Meego operating system, after the jump you have the bigger picture. Remember it is not the first time we hear about this terminal with an air of N8 and even seen supposedly sticking up in China, although on that occasion he did running Symbian ^ 3 , of course. Will this be another great promised to Meego that was yet to come to the fore? More importantly, if so, will it have wider distribution in the markets? Do not worry, keep reporting. [Thanks El_Darkos ]


Update: Lots of people are commenting that this looks like a Symbian device. Also Dave H has been able to pull the following image from the source of the page:

Source es.engadget

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