Presenting The First Twenty years Of Linux - Gallery

Aug 17, 2011


LinuxCon North America 2011 is celebrating 20 years of achievements in Vancouver,Canada.

As a part of that celebration, they put together a gallery of items donated by the community representing those twenty years and the accomplishments of Linux.

Below is a gallery which is built around a timeline of the history of Linux:

See larger images of each section of the timeline:

It continues with boxes of many versions of Linux through the years, stickers, devices, and more.






Devices based on Linux; Whiskey bottle was presented to Linus Torvalds by Greg Kroah--Hartman in celebration of Linux kernel 3.0 and signed by community members at LinuxCon Japan 2011:


Want a Linux watch?


From left to right, these are:

The computer Ted Ts'o, the first North American kernel developer, used to write his first Linux code in 1991
A 1999 Intel Dot.station Linux-powered web applicance
Dell netbook that was sold preloaded with Ubuntu 11.04


I'll be posting larger versions of these pictures and more from Linuxcon on the Facebook page, so if you'd like to see more, follow us there.

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