Quran application for MeeGo Harmattan - Nokia N950

Aug 1, 2011

This is a Application that can be used to read the Quran for MeeGo Harmattan devices ie Nokia N9 / N950.

I started writing one already and I can now tag 0.1! The code is still rouch around the edges but it works fine. It's also my first QML application so the code is a bit messy. The code itself is GPL'ed. However, the data files and the font are not.

The code is here if anyone is interested:

I've just uploaded it to Ovi store (Let's see how fast will it be rejected. It's still very minimal at the moment. It also needs some "beautification"!

Reading, index page and add, remove and jump to favorites. but ideas are welcomed.

Discussion thread can be found at

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