First Steps With MeeGo QA-tools

Aug 31, 2011

Here is Timoph kicking off this blog with a status update on what he has been doing for MeeGo QA-tools for the past few weeks.

The goal of the work that I've been doing is to enable test automation in MeeGo context. I started by bringing the tools needed to automate test execution. The tools have been developed inside Nokia and have been recently open sourced. Basically the tools are testrunner-lite and testdefinition. Testrunner-lite is a generic test execution utility that reads the planned tests from XML and testdefinition is XML schema used for validating these test plan XML files.

I addition to packaging these tools enabling test automation requires a set up that allows the tests to be executed from a test control pc. So I needed to create a set of packages that configures the device under test and the test control pc to enable host based test execution. In host based test execution testrunner-lite is running on the control pc and executes tests over shh in the device under test.

Short video demonstrating host bast test execution. The tests are executed from a test control pc (Fedora 13 box in this case) through ssh on Nokia N900 running MeeGo.




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