TodoList Widget

Aug 7, 2011

TodoList is an homescreen widget to view and manage todos. It uses QtMobility 1.2 Organizer module.

Todos can be created and deleted



  • Can set status for todos (Done/Not Done).
  • Uses same data from internal calendar database. So todos are syncronized when doing backups.
  • Todos have different checkbox colours, depening the calendar they belong to.
  • Widget can be customized to fullfill each user tastes, from font size, to row height and width, to widget opacity.
  • Widget can manage resizes: all icons resize to correct size depending on user choices and values.
  • Creating new todos is simple and require just a tap on the "+" button. Data is defaulted to current date.
  • Supports multi istances with each own settings.
  • Calendars to be shown can be selected for each widget istance.

Current version: 0.3.1 (extras-devel)

Package overview page.

Source Maemo.Org

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