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Aug 3, 2011


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Looks like the good people from Trim-Slice are getting together some Development Kits for you eager Developers. MeeGo has been successfully run on the Trim-Slice (nVidia - The new MeeGo Battle Ground) and recently has had XBMC running on it as well.

They recognise the importance of having their devices in the right hands and as such have formulated a discount on the unit for Developers. There is also access on offer to the Trim-Slice Private Developers Zone.

CompuLab is committed to the open-source community. Trim-Slice was designed with developers in mind and we are seeing great promise in the relationships established so far. MeeGo and Arch Linux ARM endorsement of Trim-Slice illustrate the kind of relationships we are looking for.

We appreciate the skill and dedication of open-source developers and acknowledge that most of the contributors are not funded and are often on a tight budget. We tend to believe that starting at $199 – Trim-Slice is quite affordable, but we decided to go a step further with a limited time special offer to open-source developers only – Trim-Slice Pro dev-kits for $175 – that’s 45% discount (yes, for this good cause we price the dev-kits below production costs).

If you are involved with an open-source project, ready for the challenge of working with a modern ARM platform and most important – willing to give back, by sharing your code and helping other users get the best out of it, then we want you to take part in our developers community. Please join Trim-Slice developers group at LinkedIn. Please allow us a few days to review. We will refer to all applications, but cannot commit on accepting them all.

Members gain access to a private developer’s zone and are the first to receive pre-release drivers and distributions. Tegra 2 hardfp display drivers are a good example. CompuLab is engaging in discussions with the Trim-Slice community and serves as a channel to communicate developer’s needs back to NVIDIA.

Are you going to be Developing on a Trim-Slice ?
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