TwimGo v3.0.6 Released - MeeGo / Maemo

Aug 28, 2011


Minor update to TwimGo this weekend. Release notes for v3.0.6:

  • Pull down timeline to refresh
  • Scroll to bottom to automatically load more tweets
  • Reply to direct message is sent as direct message

It was pretty easy to add the auto “load more” functionality as both GridView (used in landscape mode) and ListView (portait mode) have a property atYEnd to check if user have scrolled to bottom of the timeline. I added a simple Timer that checks this property in every 0,5 seconds and starts to load more tweets if necessary.

Pull down to refresh was a bit trickier but I ended up checking the atYBeginning property of ListView/Gridview and deterimine the extra pull with the contentY property. So the code is something like this:

Timer {
interval: 500
repeat: true
onTriggered: {
if( tweetsList.atYBeginning &&
tweetsList.contentY tweetsList.refresh = true;

ListView {
id: tweetsList
property bool refresh: false
onMovingChanged: {
if(tweetsList.refresh) {
tweetsList.refresh = false;
// Refresh timeline

TwimGo project page for info and Downloads

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