TwimGo v3.0 has been released. Check it out for all the Twitter goodness!

If you have used TwimGo recently you might have noticed that direct messages (DM) section doesn’t work anymore on the app since Twitter dropped the support for xAuth protocol which TwimGo was using. Direct messages are now only available when OAuth 1.0 is used for user authentication.

This isn’t the first time Twitter is making huge breaking changes in their API: last summer they dropped the basic HTTP authentication support which forced developers either to jump to OAuth or a bit easier xAuth protocols.

So it took a month until I really took the bull by the horns and started to look at what it meant if I’ll upgrade my API code to full OAuth 1.0. All API related code in TwimGo is written in JavaScript so I thought that it might be a bit tricky to get that working but it turned out to be really easy as xAuth already was implementing the hardest parts like signatures. Also now that I was able to use QML’s WebView component for OAuth authentication it was matter of hours to have TwimGo to show me my tweets.

Also additional smaller improvements and changes in this release:

  • OAuth support
  • Annoying sound notification removed
  • Optional light theme
  • Improved speed (Harmattan N950/N9)
  • Rounded corners in UI (Harmattan N950/N9)
  • Nokia Pure Symbols
Please download the latest binaries for MeeGo Harmattan, Maemo, Symbian^3 and S60 FP5 from the project site:



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