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Aug 24, 2011


Currently delivering more than 350 million tweets per day, Twitter has developed into a far from unpopular messaging service. Over the years, as well as real time data analysis, the company has also gained extensive experience in web design. The experience it has collected in web interface development has now been consolidated and published in the form of Bootstrap.




Bootstrap is a web front-end toolkit consisting principally of an HTML and CSS template (the latter spiced up with a pinch of LESS), which gathers together the collected experience garnered at Twitter. Web developers integrating Bootstrap into their web interface can use the sample front-end and, with a minimum of effort, integrate a grid system which uses Twitter's tried and tested styling for typographic elements, forms and buttons or add interface elements like modals, tooltips and popovers to their web sites.


It is technically simple to implement – the style sheet can be added to a web site using <link rel="stylesheet" href="">; linking to LESS may also be required.

Bootstrap includes the relevant LESS files, the fully compiled and minified CSS files, styleguide documentation and an example page template. The toolkit has been tested under the latest versions of Safari, Google Chrome and Firefox, and will also in future fully support selected versions of Microsoft's Internet Explorer. Hosted on GitHub, Bootstrap is made available under version 2.0 of the Apache License .


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