Unboxing of the CompuLab Trim-Slice Pro Unit - MeeGo / XBMC

Aug 24, 2011


"Things will never be the same again"

As we have reported previously, the guys at Compulab have joined some of the MeeGo Developer faithful on a quest to get MeeGo running on their Trim-Slice Pro unit. Also their are efforts to get XBMC running on it. Now here are some pictures of what I have received in the post 🙂

The unit arrives in a very densily packed box and once you get it open all becomes clear.

Opening up the box their is a power adapter that has interchangeable plugs for Europe & US, hang on, I live in the UK .... not a biggie I've got a convertor. Now lets have a look at the bazillion cables that you get with it.


Box Contents

TrimSlice Unit
Power Charger with European and US Pins
RS-232 Cable
USB Extender Cable (Female-Female)
DVI to HDMI Convertor (Thanks)
3.5mm Jack to Composite Phono output
Bluetooth Dongle
At the front of the unit we have a the connector for the RS-232 cable, SD Card Slot, Power On / Off LED Light, 2 x USB and Micro USB Port.

At the back we have Antennae connector, 2 x USB, S/PDIF Line In, DC 12v,Video In,DVI-D, GigaBit EtherNet, HDMI

And now the fun stuff begins, Getting MeeGo running on it with the assistance of vgrade & arfoll. I hope you can join us on the ride 🙂

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