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Looking for something MeeGo TV related thats better than Sex ? Well, If such a thing exists then here it is for you.

The following is the first look at XBMC running on a TrimSlice unit (nVidia Tegra2 using hardfp). Video Interface looks slick and smooth and something we have got used to seeing from Brendan Le Foll (arfoll‘s) work 🙂

Sound is currently working over 3.5mm Stereo jack and HDMI Video output. HDMI sound is currently being worked on. CPU usage is actually fairly good. The builds are here.

UPDATE: HDMI Audio is now working on the Trim-Slice as can be seen from the picture below:


Message From Brendan Le Foll

Thanks to vgrade who worked hard to get a meego image running so well on trimslice. And thanks to irads from compulab who kindly sent me a trimslice! And no thanks to UPS/Malta who charged me 13 euros in tax.

More updates will come on the MeeGo TV for Trimslice wiki page here and on the trimslice forums.

I’ve got a feeling we are going to hear lots more about Trim Slice.
Source Madeo.co.uk