1st MeeGo Qt App. GPS Info Mee For Nokia N9/N950 - MeeGo Harmattan

Sep 15, 2011


It has been a while but I am happy with the v0.1 of GPS Info Mee. Plenty of screen shots below. This is limited compared to the Symbian Qt version as it cannot send SMS of your position. At the same time this has newer internal code, greater C++ integration and more satellite information.

As per my N950 Dev unit entry, all source files will be uploaded shortly.

Deb file: Please note this still an early build. No warranties, please use at your own risk.


MeeGo- Qt- App-GPS-N9-N950-MeeGo-Harmattan MeeGo- Qt- App-GPS-N9-N950-MeeGo-Harmattan-1


MeeGo- Qt- App-GPS-N9-N950-MeeGo-Harmattan-3 MeeGo- Qt- App-GPS-N9-N950-MeeGo-Harmattan-3


MeeGo- Qt- App-GPS-N9-N950-MeeGo-Harmattan-4 MeeGo- Qt- App-GPS-N9-N950-MeeGo-Harmattan-5


MeeGo- Qt- App-GPS-N9-N950-MeeGo-Harmattan-6 MeeGo- Qt- App-GPS-N9-N950-MeeGo-Harmattan-7


The Symbian Qt version will be updated to have the same internal code etc, all thanks to Qt!

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