What Could you do with 64GB on your Phone?

Sep 23, 2011


SanDisk have announced the highest capacity microSD cards yet… a full 64GB of storage space. If you’re running up against the limit because you’re an avid photographer, an app fiend or a hardcore mobile gamer, then that extra 32GB of space could certainly go to good use. We’re happy to be the first to announce both a price and a release date for the 64GB MicroSDXC card in the UK:

The SanDisk 64GB MicroSDXC card will be available from Mobile Fun on the 3rd of October for £139.95.

The big question is will this new 64GB card work in my phone? Whilst the SanDisk site doesn’t yet contain compatibility information, we have received reports of the 64 GB MicroSDXC working straight away on the Samsung Galaxy S2. Any Android phone or tablet that supports 16GB or 32GB of storage should be compatible with the 64GB MicroSDXC as well. As we receive more information regarding compatibility, we’ll make it available.

If you’ve any questions about the card, why not ask us? You can reach us, as always, via the comments section of the blog, or via these social media avenues:

Source Mobile Fun Blog

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