First Alpha Version of QSpot for MeeGo Harmattan Released

Sep 27, 2011

So the it was finally time for release of the first alpha version of QSpot for MeeGo / Harmattan.. This version only includes playlist functionality (e.g., search is not yet implemented, even though the UI elements are in place). In the following I will outline the steps necessary to install QSpot on N9 / N950.

1) Install libopenspotify and necessary dependencies (libvorbis).

Download the following required packages:

Install the packages (as root ) using dpkg, and in the following order:
dpkg -i libvorbis0a_1.2.3.tk1_armel.deb
dpkg -i libvorbisfile3_1.2.3.tk1_armel.deb
dpkg -i libopenspotify_20110621-1_harmattan_armel.deb

2) Install QSpot

Download the following package:

and install it using dpkg:

dpkg -i qspot-qml_0.1.0_harmattan_armel.deb

That should be it, now you should be able to launch QSpot from the application view, and login by providing your Spotify credentials (as usual; requires a Spotify Premium subscription).

Concerning the UI; switching between normal and minimized mode in the Now Playing view is done by double-clicking the album coverart; single-click will bring the currently playing track into view (in the list)..You can get back to the Now Playing view from the other views by clicking the corresponding Now Playing toolbar icon. Shuffle functionality is not yet implemented (only the UI element is present in the toolbar).

Hope you will like this first release, feedback is welcome..
Edit: Portrait mode is only supported right now; landscape optimization will be added later.

Source via Alextootchie

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