Application - WIP Filebox For MeeGo Harmattan

Sep 8, 2011


There's actually 4 file managers for harmattan, but I want to make one that fits all my needs So I've started to work on Filebox (a nice excuse to learn QML). N900's users may know this app.

What it does:

  • Open files
  • Share files
  • Show hidden files and folders
  • Custom clipboard (for copy, move and create symlinks)
  • Bookmarks for fast access
  • Show Thumbnails for images
  • Folder watcher (detect changes in current folder)
  • Copy files in background

When it starts copying files, it shows a progress indicator in header. When copy process is done, it shows a notification. There's no messages for copy errors at the moment.

Scroll the list down to show the quick search bar.


WIP-Filebox-Harmattan-MeeGoExperts WIP-Filebox-Harmattan-MeeGoExperts-1
WIP-Filebox-Harmattan-MeeGoExperts-2 WIP-Filebox-Harmattan-MeeGoExperts-3

File can be downloaded from here.

Source MeeGo

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