Chess Clock For MeeGo Harmattan

Sep 10, 2011


Chess Clock, a game clock for chess players is now available for Harmattan. It supports different time controls (time additions, delays, hour glass). Timers are adjustable, different time settings for white and black are available. More info can be found on the app's website:

This app was originally developed by Arto Hyv├Ąttinen for Maemo. I have partially rewritten the user interface in QML, but did not mess with the actual clock logic.

The game settings are not saved yet, and it uses the same initial setting for all game modes (which does not make sense for hour glass). The user interface needs some polishing, and it takes its time starting up. Other than that, it should be fully usable, but testing has been very limited...

It can be downloaded from my personal repo:

(Instructions of setting up the repository on the device at )

Some screenshots:










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