Countdown To The Elements

Sep 9, 2011


[From the Author] - In few weeks, I am scheduled to talk at Intel AppUp(SM) Elements 2011 in Seattle (or rather more precisely, in Bellevue). My presentation would be about hybrid applications (native + web) using QtWebKit. The short abstract is as follows:

An army of web technologies in the HTML5 family, namely CSS3, JavaScript, and SVG, can dramatically improve the application development workflow. Along with its momentum, there are hundreds of rich frameworks and timesaving libraries that speed up the development cycle. When packaged with a web run-time such as QtWebKit*, which combines powerful WebKit features with the ease of use of Qt*, this set of technologies enables fast prototyping and easy deployment of even the most demanding applications. Learn the strategies, tools, and best practices in developing and testing good-looking, feature-rich, and hardware-accelerated applications using web technologies targeting Windows* and MeeGo*.

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