Emulators Now Available For MeeGo Harmattan

Sep 12, 2011


I have ported my retro computer and console emulators to Harmattan. Those of you who own N900s or N8x0s, probably know what these are. For the rest, there are:

  • fMSX - MSX/MSX2/MSX2+ home computer emulator
  • Speccy - emulates Sinclair ZX Spectrum and its clones.
  • ColEm - ColecoVision console emulator.
  • iNES - Nintendo Entertainment System, Famicom, and DiskSystem emulator.
  • MasterGear - Sega MasterSystem, GameGear, SG1000, SC3000, and SF7000.
  • VGB - GameBoy Classic, GameBoy Color, and Super GameBoy.
  • VGBA - GameBoy Advance
  • AlmostTI - TI82, TI83, TI85, TI86, TI84 programmable calculators.

You can find the latest DEBs here:

Or install them from this repository:
deb ./

Please, test and leave feedback in this thread. Thanks.


Source MeeGo

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