Folder Gallery 1.0.4 For Symbian, MeeGo And Maemo

Sep 12, 2011


This application allows the user to view thumbnails of a folder containing images, it’s still under development but the idea is like the gallery offered by Android in their vanilla build, a redesigned and nicer UI would be better and the ability to zoom in and out but the idea it’s there, follow the project at Nokia Developer Projects.


  • Folder Viewer
  • Swipe for next picture
  • Kinetic Scroll
  • Thumbnail Viewer


Nokia-Gallery-MeeGo-MeeGoExperts Nokia-Gallery-MeeGo-MeeGoExperts-1 Nokia-Gallery-MeeGo-MeeGoExperts-2


Nokia-Gallery-MeeGo-MeeGoExperts-3 Nokia-Gallery-MeeGo-MeeGoExperts-4 Nokia-Gallery-MeeGo-MeeGoExperts-5


Folder Gallery for Symbian, Harmattan and Fremantle

Source Nokia Download Blog

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