Fourteen Demo Apps Showcase Qt On N9

Sep 9, 2011




Learn how to develop great apps for the Nokia N9 with fourteen demo apps now available via Nokia Developer Projects. Demo apps, including full source code, include:

  • Compass, a Nokia Developer example application that teaches the use of a traditional compass and allows the user to determine the bearing to the desired location using Ovi maps. The main purpose of the example application is to demonstrate the use of the Maps and Navigation API.
  • Guitar Tuner, a Qt Quick example application that demonstrates the integration of Qt audio interfaces. The application can be used to tune guitar strings by analysing the audio recorded by the device microphone.
  • Qt Bubble Level, an application that demonstrates how to use Qt Quick with the accelerometer sensor that is part of Qt Mobility

See how Kaixin used Qt to bring one of the biggest social network services in China to the Nokia N9.

Source Nokia Developer

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