gPodder 2.19 "The Toast Derivation" Released

Efe Udin
Sep 21, 2011

gPodder has been under development for the past 6 years and over the years, this software has been developed with a proven and matured codebase. gPodder is written in Python and it is an open source podcast. The podcast is an amazing origin of pleasure and real-life information. Now, while we are expecting the huge release of the "tres" branch as gPodder 3, the stable 2.x series has received another bugfix. The last time this series received an update was in August and this current bugfix addresses all the issues found in the August fix. Below is a succinct rundown of the fixes

  • The empty descriptions in Soundcloud module has been fixed
  • Image enclosures for audio/video in Media RSS is ignored (bug 1430)
  • Turkish and Spanish translations have been included (bug 1420)

For the detailed ChangeLog, click HERE while you can download this update from HERE

This update brings a stable operation of the stable 2.x series. Thanks to all who contributed to this release and reported bugs

What is gPodder?

Manually searching and downloading your favorites is a real pain especially if you are used to a podcast to help you through your workday. This is where gPodder comes it. This Python/Linux application will assist you to automatically find, download and transfer the latest podcasts. With gPodder, you can subscribe to a huge number of podcasts.

What is a Podcast?

It is expected that we all know exactly what a podcast is but for the sake of those who might not know by chance, a podcast is more like a collection of digital audio and video files which one can download for his/her viewing or listening pleasures. The user's local computer can receive a podcast automatically because it is available for subscription. Thus if a user subscribes for a podcast, it automatically arrives his/her computer via web syndication whenever new episodes are available.

Source gPodder Development Blog

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