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Sep 15, 2011

media-downloader-Nokia-N9-950- MeeGo-Harmattan
Mediadownloader is a simple and fast client for Google Image, Youtube and BlipTv.
You can search images and videos, view them in a grid view, then in a slide view.
Images can be zoomed and rotated, both images and videos can be downloaded
or set as wallpaper (single frame for videos). Images are cached, this means that
if you want to download or rewatch an image, it is retrieved from the cache instead
the net saving bandwidth.

In the main window:
* Choose Google Image, Youtube or BlipTv icon to search in
* Scrolling the grid at the end will add more items
* Tapping on a thumbnail will give more info about the source (hiding again within 4 secs).
* Double tapping will show it on a scrollable list view

In list view mode:
While viewing images:
* tap to get more infos
* pinch to zoom, rotate and pan the image

While viewing videos:
* the video starts paused with controls available
* press "i" to get more infos
* while playing, tap to get controls back

For both (videos and images)
* long tap to get the menu to choose to save or set what you are seeing as wallpaper
* slide to view the next or previous item
* double tap to get back to grid view

A lot of TODO yet, but suggestions are welcome

Version 0.1.0 for Harmattan


media-downloader-Nokia-N9-950- MeeGo-Harmattan-1


media-downloader-Nokia-N9-950- MeeGo-Harmattan-2


Source MeeGo

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