MeeGo Network Malaysia Meetup - September 15th

Sep 8, 2011

Live in Malaysia ? Dig MeeGo ? Well here we have a perfect fit / solution for you, A Malaysia MeeGo Network Meetup !!! Location has not been finalised yet but below are all the details for now:

Date: Thursday September 15th
Time: 6:00pm – 10:00pm
Location: Wings Musicafe at Times Walk - Kuala Lumpur


MeeGo Network Malaysia Meetup is an event where all the MeeGo lovers, developers and user gather, share and interact among each other.

We will have sharing sessions by local MeeGo developer, Nokia representative and last but not least, our featured guess from France! *

Here’s the agenda for this meetup**

1830 – 1900 Registration of aMeeGos for MeeGo Network Malaysia Meetup September
1900 – 1905 Welcome speech from MeeGo Network Malaysia founder
1905 – 1940 Sharing by our featured guest from France about debian packaging
1940 – 2015 Sharing by local developer
2015 – 2020 Break
2020 – 2100 Product presentation and demo by Nokia Malaysia (Nokia N9)
2100 – 2120 Forming of MeeGo Network Malaysia, discussion of future meetup and activities
2120 – 2300 Q&A, sharing and photo-taking session


Hosting an event is not easy, therefore we need your contribution, you can help us by:

Spreading the news
RSVP to this event
Invite MeeGo enthusiast to join this event
Volunteer (Please email cckwes at gmail dot com if you are interested to become a volunteer, you might receive a thank you gift from us, who know? :D )

If you are a MeeGo developer or working on MeeGo related projects and would like to share, please email cckwes at gmail dot com and we will arrange a session for you.

Thank you very much for your attention.

*The guest list is subject to change without prior notice.
**The agenda is for reference purpose, it is subject to change without prior notice.
Here is a map of the location



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