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Sep 20, 2011

Here is a very early version of an application called simple bible viewer. It is for the Nokia N9/N950 and is available to download at the following repo.

It is already a fully working version. You can load a bible text and navigate around in it. There is a dialogue to select other translations, books and chapters.

There are still some bugs and missing features, so please be patient!
Also this will not be a replacement for Rapier or Katana. Both are great N900 applications and hopefully will get ported to Harmattan one day. MiniBible more can be seen as a optimised minimalistic viewer.

Up to now there is not yet a function to automatically download bible texts and installing them. To do it manually, please go to Here. and download one or more modules. Then you will have to unzip them and extract them onto your device into the folder MyDocs/Sword/. Afterwards you will have to restart MiniBible!


MiniBible-Simple-Bible-Viewer-MeeGo-MeeGoExperts MiniBible-Simple-Bible-Viewer-MeeGo-MeeGoExperts-1


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