MOSAID Acquires 2000 Nokia patents

Efe Udin
Sep 10, 2011

A Canadian-based company, Mosaid, has acquired about 2000 Nokia patents and applications. This deal will certainly generate funds from settlements and licensing deals for both companies. Nokia is capitalizing on the depth of its patent collections as it currently has thousands of patents to its name. Mosaid will establish a new company which will now own Nokia's patents and earns a third of the royalties from the patent portfolio. This company will be required to get income from possible patent infringers who will subsequently settle after a lawsuit and it is not expected to pay Nokia for the patents. Nokia's intellectual property is quite strong. Recall that in June, it settled all its lawsuits with Apple in an agreement that saw Apple make a one-time payment and continued payment of royalties.

John Lindgren, President, and CEO, MOSAID Technologies said

“This is a transformative event for MOSAID which will drive significant revenue growth and shareholder value over the next decade, and will create exciting new opportunities for MOSAID as one of the world’s premier licensing organizations,”...“This is one of the strongest standards-essential wireless portfolios available on the market, and we are thrilled that we have acquired this outstanding portfolio and have the opportunity to monetize it,” 

As of now, most tech giants are securing the right patents from their in-house research or by outright acquisition. One of the manufacturing powerhouse, Google, recently acquired Motorola Mobility for $12.5 billion. This move also gave Google ownership of about 12,500 patents. Apple which leads a conglomerate is currently willing to pay $4.5 billion for Nortel Network wireless patents.

Mosaid is very critical when it comes to searching for possible patent infringements. This company has filed for patent infringement lawsuits against many manufacturing giants such as Dell, HTC, Sony Ericsson, Research In Motion, Huawei Technologies, Wistron, ASUSteK, Asus Computer, Lexmark, Canon, Canon, and Intel - to mention but few. This move by Nokia appears as though the company wants to assert its intellectual property rights against its rivals.

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