MyMoves 0.0.2: Usable Gestures For MeeGo Harmattan

Sep 25, 2011

MyMoves version 0.0.2 is now out. The previous version was a hackish demo which didn’t contain a proper UI
for normal usage. This version does : ) Also, recording the gestures with a clumsy UI wasn’t the nicest
thing on earth, so I settled for having 12 pre-defined gestures, which should all be simple enough to
be recognized with different users.

In order to avoid disturbing normal usage of the phone, there are 6 two-finger and 6 three-finger
gestures, and no single-finger gestures at all. In addition to that, there’s pinch recognition for
avoiding accidentally opening an application while zooming in or out. Currently it handles most of the pinches, but there’s still a couple of glitches to fix, such as it doesn’t yet catch zooming of web pages 100% of the times.

Here are the gestures:




Most significant changes:
- Simple configuration UI for selecting an app for each gesture
- Option in the UI to start/stop observing gestures
- 12 preconfigured multi-touch gestures
- Pinch recognition to avoid conflicting with normal usage
- Auto-start of the recognition server on boot and after installation

Installation is now available via a repository, so enough for copying stuff into the phone manually : )

Instructions for installation (run as root):
1. In case you have the previous version of mymoves installed, remove it from the command line:
- dpkg -P mymoves mymoveserver

2. Add the mymoves repository to your phone:
- Create a file called /etc/apt/sources.list.d/mymoves.list
- Into that file, enter this line (without the quotes): “deb binary/

3. Make sure you’ve got a working internet connection on your phone

4. apt-get update
5. apt-get install mymoves
6. Ready to run!

Have fun with the app! : )

For the interested, sources are in GitHub:
The UI:
Server side:

Here’s a demo clip of MyMoves 0.0.2 in action:



EDIT: Thanks to a question in Youtube, decided to make another small demo to show that you can also use the gestures in the lock screen. The system forces the lock screen on top, but it still opens an application ready for you to use : ) The clip:



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