N9 for €490 From Kazakhstan, in Stores September 30

Sep 21, 2011


Kazakhstan and N9 seem to be appearing time after time for some reason. Well anyways Nokia’s Kazakstanian site gives you two places to pre-order N9. Both are offering N9 16GB for 99 990 Tenge that translates in to €494 ($679). Quite a bit cheaper than the €599 asked by Nokia Finland.
Both of the stores are also reporting September 30 release. Lets hope there’s some truth in the “early October” comment i got out of the Nokia people on the my-first-time-using-n9 Finnish N9 launch also got some kind of page to pre-order N9 from.
Domain looks suspicious, but you get there from Nokia’s official Russian page. No dates mentioned, but the price for N9 16GB is 23990 RUB (€570) and 25990 RUB (€615) for the black 64GB N9.

Source Nokia Gadgets

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