Nokia N9 Blue Unboxing And Hands On With MeeGo-Harmattan

Sep 26, 2011


This is only the second unboxing of the N9 I’ve seen. This one is the blue N9 – which looks great coming out of that snazzy blue box.

This video is by uptodateksa2 , we’ve seen his videos before previewing many other Nokia phones quite early – the N8 and E7 come to mind.

Video is in Arabic – he often does two videos, one in English the other in Arabic – though he may not have done an english version this time, but unboxings rarely need spoken voice anyway.

  • Checking out the microSIM is pretty interesting.
  • Screen looks gorgeous when playing back video.
  • Check out the blue Nokia Store (though still labelled Ovi there)



Source My Nokia Blog

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