Today was the Media Launch of the Nokia N9 in Malaysia. Looking at the pictures from smashpop it looks like an excellent Event.

So the “Low Down” is that the N9 will be available for purchase in Malaysia starting October with the 16GB model priced at RM1799 and the 64GB model at RM2088. Telecom providers with be offering the N9 with packages that will be available at this link. Note that this has not be propagated as yet.










Vlasta Berka, Nokia GM Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei introducing the Nokia N9 and explaining the features to the audience. He also mentioned that the N9 will be available for purchase starting October. The 16GB model will be priced at RM1799 and 64GB at RM2088.
Nokia Malaysia will work with telcos in the country to provide the N9 with some packages. Click here to find out (though the information is not up yet).


Source via @asrialbaker