Nokia N9 PreOrder Malaysia for Killer Price of EUR299 !!! (Ground Hog Day ?)

Sep 11, 2011

Yesterday we reported the KILLER price of the Nokia N9 for EUR299 in Singapore. Well, today its the same price but now for Malaysia !!! It really feels like Ground Hog day.
There has been some talk in the comments in the other thread that this price will be with a contract and not Sim Free but there is no mention of that at this point. It does say "Plus you can also choose the right data plan for you" but nothing suggesting EUR299 has anything to do with a data plan. As with the other Singapore Listing it is worth mentioning that the Buy It Now button is currently inactive. Hopefully soon ….

Who lives in Malaysia then ? Heres a link to the site

Thanks to Laszlo for the tip 😉

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