Is this a new Nokia N9 TV Ad ? MeeGo Harmattan

Sep 11, 2011

Can this be a New Never seen before Nokia N9 TV Ad ?


If it is a New TV Ad that Nokia are Launching the N9 with or if it is not is up for debate, what is not debatable is that this damn thing is Gaw-jus ! The Launch of the Nokia N9 is creeping closer and I'm sure it will make lots of people HAPPY (excluding some key countries like UK, Italy, Spain, France, Germany, Netherlands, Norway, Belgium, Canada and the US)

A quick Translation of the YouTube page this was found on:

May we present smartphone with a screen that you have never seen before. Touch Screen on Nokia N9 covers almost the entire phone's surface and the simple swipe-motion makes the user experience for the easiest, you can imagine. There is no rewind or start buttons - in one long smooth flow, you move from app to app. Nokia N9 is born with a fast Internet browser with HTML5 support you all the best on the internet including video without interruption.

Thanks to @Camb078 for the indirect tip 🙂

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