Nokia N900 Community SSU PR1.3.3.7-10 Released - Maemo

Sep 7, 2011

The latest release of the Community SSU PR1.3.3.7-10 has been released.

What is it ?

Seamless Software Update (SSU), is the term Nokia formerly used for over-the-air updates of Maemo (generally marketed as Maemo Update as of Maemo 5).

The Community Seamless Software Update (CSSU) is being developed by the Maemo community as a continuation of, and expansion on, Nokia's update support. It aims to deliver fixes which would be difficult to deliver through Extras (like core Maemo packages). It won't, however, bundle software which can be installed through the Extras repositories.

For Information / Installation instructions please go to the homepage for this project

Here is the Change Log

20.2010.36-maemo16 (07.09.2011)

  • upgraded to 4.7.4
  • QtQuickCompat nulled, included in Qt 4.7.4
  • Add blurless_saturation option for blurless.
  • include transitions.ini in deb configfile to retain user settings.
  • Added full portrait mode.
  • Implemented a blacklist for rotation.
  • Fixed some memory/resource leaks.
  • Offline IMAP support in email client
  • Portrait mode in calculator rewrite
gst-plugins-bad / camera-ui
  • Fix #6584: GPS geotagged pictures truncate precision of GPS reading (0 decimal places)
  • Camera app suspends when screen is locked, saving battery life
  • Camera app no longer opens up when screen is locked and the camera button is pressed
  • Fix #12135: camera-ui icons for 'white balance' and 'iso sensitivity' are the same
  • updated with two sets of wallpapers for portrait mode
  • bugs introduced in last update fixed
gtk / gnome-vfs-filechooser-backend
  • Landscape dialogs rotate properly in portrait mode.
  • File manager "Save as" fixed


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