OpenMobile's ACL brings over 250,000 Android apps to MeeGo

Sep 21, 2011

OpenMobile's Application Compatibility Layer (ACL™) brings over 250,000 Android apps to your MeeGo device. ACL for MeeGo performs seamlessly on Smartphones, Tablets, eReaders, Connected TVs and IVIs. ACL powers MeeGo devices with an Apps Ecosystem touting over 250,000 Android apps.

The Video below is a demo of ACL running on an x86 MeeGo tablet running Android Apps. Facebook is shown running and the promise is that anything running on Android will run in the same manner on MeeGo. You can obviously multitask and run native MeeGo Apps side by side with Android Apps. All major third party app stores are supported with ACL.

This demo showcases ACL (version .9) running Pine Trail on version of MeeGo. If you are focused on MeeGo, Linux, Bada, WebOS, or even Windows, OpenMobile can quickly integrate our exciting new technology to your OS and your users will have immediate access to the 250k+ apps.


  • ACL destroys the App barrier
    In a cutthroat marketplace for mobile devices, it is virtually impossible to attract millions
    of customers without a vibrant apps ecosystem with hundreds of thousands of apps.
    ACL destroys the App barrier and opens up the market for your device with an entire App
    ecosystem – on day one.
  • ACL for MeeGo is 100% compatible
    ACL for MeeGo runs every single Android App - no exceptions. Because it leverages the Android
    runtime environment and the Dalvik VM, it runs every app just as it would run on an Android device.
  • ACL for MeeGo delivers native performance
    All Android apps perform as native on the MeeGo Operating System with zero latencies.
    ACL does not drain your device resources. Device power and memory will be unchanged.
  • ACL for MeeGo requires zero developer effort
    App developers don’t have to modify, recompile or repackage their apps for your MeeGo device.
    ACL for MeeGo ensures that every single Android app works on MeeGo with no developer effort or
  • Differentiate and drive margins
    Businesses need to make a profit and differentiation drives profitability. ACL for MeeGo gives you a
    portable Apps Ecosystem. Now, you can differentiate your device at every level to attract customers
    and edge competition.


  • Full speed 3D graphics
    Android apps enjoy the performance benefits of hardware-accelerated OpenGL in your OS
  • Android multimedia compatibility
    ACL for MeeGo delivers the kernel of the Android runtime to your Operating system, ensuring full
    multimedia compatibility without any drain on power or resources.
  • Security and sandboxing, keeping apps in their place
    Apps launch and run from within their parameters. ACL for MeeGo ensures Apps stay in their place,
    eliminating any resource drain that is always required by alternative dual boot solutions.
  • Your user experience is on the forefront
    ACL is not virtualization or emulation. ACL integrates the Android application runtime into the native
    target OS. This puts your user experience in the forefront. Users do not need to switch operating
    systems or be cognizant of an emulator environment to access Android apps. Those apps feel native.
  • Apps install and launch in their native environment
    Users can install and launch in your native environment. They never see or touch any of the Android
  • Complete integration of task management
    ACL delivers completed integrated task management.
  • Cooperating ecosystem with Android’s modularity and inter-process communication
    Complete compatibility with Android inter-process communication, enabling multiple apps and
    middleware to work cooperatively, as in the native Android environment.
  • Android’s Java base and UI classes
    A full set of Java base classes and Android-specific classes and APIs, as in the native Android
  • Supports Android API Level 4+, NDK6+


Excited ? I am !!!!
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