Podcatcher Open Source - MeeGo Harmattan - Nokia N9

Sep 12, 2011


Podcatcher Source Code is now available. Please Support the Developer by purchasing from the Ovi Store.

Podcatcher for N9 is a podcast manager for the Nokia N9 and other MeeGo Harmattan compatible devices. It let's you subscribe to, browse and download podcasts to your phone. It will automate updating the podcast episodes and downloads latest podcasts episodes automatically in the background. You can customize how many episodes will be kept on the device and for how long before they are automatically discarded.

Podcatcher for N9

Podcatcher for N9 let's you subscribe to and manage your podcast feeds right from the device.

Main features include

  • Native look and feel
  • In-device download management.
  • integration for easy podcast subscription
  • Automatic download of new podcasts based on settings
    • Only if you are connected to the WiFi?
  • Automatic refresh of feeds upon startup.
  • Automatic cleaning of old episodes based on settings
  • Good performance

Available from the Nokia Store!


Source Nokia Developer

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